PowerVault 5000

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  • PowerVault 5000
  • PowerVault 5000
  • PowerVault 5000
  • PowerVault 5000
  • PowerVault 5000
  • About PowerVault 5000
  • Tech Specs & Features
  • Introducing the PowerVaultTM 5000. The best option offered by LinearFluxTM that combines wall-power and battery power for USB powered devices. The PowerVault leverages the HyperFETTM HyperCharging technology from the famed LithiumCardTM. That means the PowerVault can charge your devices up to an astonishing 1% per minute.

    With up to 2400mA, or 2.4 Amp, of total charging power, it’s capable of charging many power thirsty devices currently sold in the market today.

    For comparison, the most powerful wall charger offered by Apple® is the iPadTM Air, 12 Watt, single-port USB charger. The PowerVault betters the iPadTM charger by offering the same amount of power but gives the user the capability of charging on-the-go with its built-in battery power.

    When not in use, its clever fold-out outlet prongs, stows neatly away in a low-profile and sleek design.

    It’s a world traveler. The PowerVault can accept all global wall outlet voltages. From New York, Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, the PowerVault can go anywhere you go! (Power Vault includes two standard outlet prongs. For techies out there it’s a NEMA 1-15P plug, for use in North America, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines..etc. Global wall outlet adapters not included)

    The PowerVault is useful when traveling and requiring a charge around the office and home. You can leave it plugged into the wall and charge your devices. When on the go, just unplug the PowerVault and you have up to 5000mAh of lithium battery capacity to charge most your electronic devices requiring USB power.

    The PowerVault can charge just about anything in the market such as the:


    • LithiumCardTM (of course!)
    • Apple® iPhoneTM, iPodTM, iPadTM Mini
    • Samsung GalaxyTM series
    • Google NexusTM series
    • BeatsTM Wireless Headphones
    • JawboneTM Jambox
    • And many more



    • Battery Capacity: 5000mAh



    • Input voltage: 100-250VAC  50/60Hz



    • Output voltage: 5.0 VDC voltage



    • Output current: ~2.4A, 2400mA



    • Output power: ~12 Watts



    • # of USB ports: 1

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