‎‎‎LinearFlux Graphene Series: Inspired by the breakthrough material of the millennia! Graphene is the strongest, lightest, and most conductive material based on the element Carbon.

The Graphene series features the best technology by LinearFlux to quench everyone’s thirst in keeping smartphones, tablets, and gadgets always charged. Innovations featuring ultra-thin “energy-dense” batteries, “zero-loss” super conductive Lightning and USB type-C cables, new “anti-gravity” NanoStik PRO pad, and lighter overall weight - the electrifying new Graphene inspired line of products are the single best mobile power solution - period.

We may come in all different shapes and sizes, but what we all have in common is that we are all made from the same Carbon-element as Graphene. You are Graphene. Graphene is YOU. The Graphene series is developed for us ALL. Whether at home, at work, globetrotting or just having fun - LinearFlux Graphene keeps you HyperCharged!

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